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The Advanced Database Research and Modelling (ADReM) research group is one of the leading groups in both Belgian and European database query language research and data mining.

ADReM is performing fundamental research on data and knowledge representation, data and knowledge management, and data mining. Our interest lies mostly in the structures, basic properties and the power of existing or new languages, algorithms and methodologies in the context of processing large quantities of information. This research contains:

  • the study and characterisation of data models for databases, such as the relational model, the semi-structured model, and RDF.
  • the study of data management languages, including very formal and abstract languages such as algebras and caculi as well as user languages such as SQL and XQuery.
  • the study of the theory and practice of data quality issues such as the consistency, accuracy and currency of data, among other things.
  • the study of data mining techniques, in order to find patterns and properties in very large databases without asking for explicit information that is contained in the database. This includes the development of mining algorithms for new pattern classes, as well as the theoretical study of data-mining problems and methodologies in general.
  • the study of inductive databases and query languages, towards the goal of integrating data mining in database systems.

Application domains

  • Data Science, Artificial Intelligence
    • Data Mining, Machine Learning:
      • Pattern Mining, Recommender Systems, Predictive Maintenance,
      • Fairness and Ethics, Theoretical Foundations, Logic
  • Data Management:
    • Theoretical Foundations, Data Cleaning, Logic