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MIOS is dedicated to the scientific study of individuals’ uses of digital media and ICT in interpersonal relations and in interaction with organizations, to pursue evidence-based communication strategies, instruments and policy. Minors, as a vulnerable user group, are of special interest. Core research themes, in which AI applications play a central role, are: online marketing and organisational communication (e.g. social media advertising, privacy and trust in the context of personal data use) and interventions tackling online antisocial behaviour (cyberbullying, hate speech, cyber abuse). MIOS investigated AI applications such as personalisation, chatbots and automatic monitoring of online content from a wider user (experience) perspective and stakeholder model. MIOS’ research is driven by scientific curiosity but also wants to contribute to the solution of societal and economical challenges.

Application domains

  • Policy advice with regard to the protection of minors in ICT and digital media use.
  • Strategic advice for companies with regard to the use of ICT and digital media for marketing and organisational communication.