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On this page you can find a selection of some of our projects.


The ACCUMULATE project will automatically recognise crucial information in the free text of clinical reports written in English and Dutch

Acsim: Large scale IoT simulation

An agent based IoT simulation framework to test and evaluate emergent behavior and AI algorithms at an appropriate scale.


The analysis and enhancement of children’s and adolescents’ advertising literacy


Identifying possibly threatening situations on social networks by means of text and image analysis

Detecting subtle changes in the human brain

The human brain is far from static. Subtle changes may occur, for example if a neurological disease is progressing.


This project investigates the opportunities and challenges of AI on tax.


Instance-based explanations using EviDence Counterfactual: explaining why a certain prediction was made, based on the minimal set of evidence that, when removed, would change the class of prediction.

F1/10: Hybrid simulation for autonomous cars

Autonomous driving is the newest hype in the automotive sector. It's getting even more interesting when these cars are interacting with each other, e.g. to reduce or even avoid traffic jams by adjusting their speed.

Fast online X-ray scanning for quality control

Quality control of additive manufactured (AM) products

Human shape modelling

For product developers it is important to have a realistic representation of the human body and the wide range of variations available.


Hypermodelling strategies on multistream time-series data for operational optimization

Mass spectrometry

How can we extract more knowledge from mass spectrometry data?

NWS Data

Exploring the link between politics, news and citizens in a digital age.

Personalized immunology

How can we translate your molecular immune profile into a personalized diagnosis or treatment?


Deep Learning application for the Circular Economy